What We do

 Carteret County is a great place to live, work and raise a family. However, when a disaster, such as Hurricane Florence hits, it has a devastating impact on our community. The needs are great and the recovery efforts will be ongoing for many years. 

When Hurricane Florence hit in 2018 over 6,000 people were effected. Over a year later many homes are still damaged and many of our community members remain displaced. 

CLTRA provides assistance to survivors who sustained damage or loss as a result of a disaster effecting the Carteret County area.


Kay Coole


Rev. Robbie Phillips


Disaster Recovery Director 


Liz Ponder


Simone Gardner


Martha Lawrence


Our Committees


Chair: Jim Buckingham

Estimates home repair costs 

Plans projects and oversees construction 

Works closely with case managers and volunteer coordinat

Case Management

Chair: Amy Jones 

Qualify clients for LTRA services 

Complete client intakes and gathers documentation 

Works with committee to establish and complete recovery plans

Volunteer Coordination

Chair: Paul Kraucunas 

Markets for volunteers groups locally and nationally 

Coordinats with construction coordinator to match volunteer skills with project needs 

Assist volunteer groups with local logistics (lodging, meals, etc) 

Crisis Counseling

Chair: Erin Fitzpatrick 

Assists individuals with emotional needs 

Refers clients to LTRA for material assistance 

Finance & Donations

Chair: Kitti Hardison 

Responsible for LTRA financial planning 

Seeks in-kind, cash donations and grants 

Coordinates with funders

Community Assesment

Chair: Emma Baatz 

Housing Coordination: Liz Ponder 

Unmet Needs Coordinator: Erin Smith

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Our Services



CLTRA provides a range of services to our survivors. Each survivor has unique needs. Survices include, but are not limited to; identifying the survivor's needs, to referring to community partners, completing full rebuilds, finishing hurricane related repairs or simply providing emotional support. Our organiatizon provides a quality recovery plan that tailors to each survivors individual needs. 

To learn more visit our "Our Services" page.